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The Lovense Tenera 2 - A Review by Nova Hawthorne
March 07, 2024
Step aside, mates, because Nova Hawthorne is here to spice up your cam experience with her exclusive review of the Lovense Tenera 2! In this sizzling video by Cam101, the Australian sensation and cam queen extraordinaire unveils the secrets behind this tip-activated and app-controlled clit and nipple suction stimulator. Nova, known for her electrifying streams on Streammate, MFC, and OF, is a devoted Lovense enthusiast, and when they dropped the Tenera 2, she couldn't wait to be sucked into the pleasure-packed world of suction stimulation.

Nova doesn't just unbox – she takes you on a journey through the Tenera 2's design and functionality, revealing its secrets and exploring the various ways it can set your senses on fire. Whether you're a fan catching her live or exploring her content later, Nova shares creative ideas on how to integrate this pleasure-packed device into your cam shows or personal rendezvous. Watch as she dishes out insights, impressions, and some cheeky tips for maximizing the fun, ensuring your experience with the Lovense Tenera 2 is nothing short of electrifying!

Eager to stay in the loop with Nova's escapades and discover more about the Lovense Tenera 2? Check out her social media pages here for a dose of Aussie charm and a sneak peek into her exciting world. AND - Don't miss the chance to add the Tenera 2 to your pleasure arsenal – it's not just pulses of air; it's pulses of pleasure and fun that Nova herself can't get enough of!

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