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Interview: Idrill and her overwhelming success as a BongaCams model
May 08, 2024
Today, we have the lovely Idrill, an exclusive BongaCams webcam model, here to share with us her amazing journey into the camming world and the success she quickly achieved.

Could you introduce yourself please?

Hello, I am Idrill exclusive model and TOP of BongaCams, with approximately 5 months in the Webcam industry, I am pleased to have been invited to this interview.

Can you tell us how one becomes a successful BongaCams model?

I had the good fortune to begin using this platform at Enchanttres Studio, a webcam studio dedicated to helping models advance to become TOP models. In particular, I think that discipline and a constant focus on ranking in the top 100 and holding the places were really helpful to me. weekly top spots; a top model is one who is never out of the top ten. This is what has made me a successful model.

How has this overwhelming success impacted you in your career in the WebCam industry?

Like anything else, success generates notoriety, and this has helped me in my modelling profession in a number of ways. It's amazing how many people in the field know you, and it comes with a lot of responsibility, but maintaining your humility is, in my opinion, the most crucial thing.

How do you think working in a studio has influenced your success?

Most people are aware of the models' work, but relatively few discuss the teams that created it and the resources the studios provided. You must realise that being a model involves more than just posing for pictures and doing your thing. As a model necessitates planning, content production, ongoing support, training, and an excellent support system, I firmly believe that working with a top studio makes becoming a TOP model much simpler.

How do you stay motivated and confident in such a competitive industry?

Motivation fluctuates; that is, you may wake up one day with a bright outlook and the next not so much. However, discipline and clarity about your goals are the cornerstones of all this, enabling you to consistently present the best version of yourself.

What would you say is your personal brand?

Humility, realising that success is fleeting and that it does not make me superior to others—today I can be the one to assist many girls in realising their dreams, and tomorrow they can be the ones to give back to me.

Could you describe any difficulties you encountered and how you overcame them during this period?

I have had many challenges, to say the least, I would believe that maintaining a strong mentality, I consider that each challenge entails obtaining a great reward, it is something like the "cost-benefit", but as I have said repeatedly, the most important thing is to have clear objectives .

What words of wisdom would you like to share with aspiring models who share your desire to be successful on BongaCams?

Perseverance is crucial in this union because every process is unique. Some girls arrive and become top models right away, while others take longer. There is no better process than any other; the key is consistency to consistently stay at the top. Let them concentrate on their process and never give up.

What are your long-term goals within the modelling industry?

I think I still have a long way to go as a model, but in the future I would like to have my own WebCam studio, to be able to teach everything I have learned to other girls to change lives like my current Manager and studio did with me, it would be a personal satisfaction.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our community?

Success is a mix between learning and opportunity. If you want to achieve success in any area of life, learn all the time, because people who focus on being good at something perceive opportunities much better.

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