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Grow Your Fan Base via Social Media: Tips from Paula Miller
April 17, 2024
We sat down with a talented Colombian model to ask about how she cross-promotes her social media and camming sites. Read on to learn more!

Could you please introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Alexandra, or in the webcam world "Paula Miller". I am a sexy curvy Colombian girl, who is 27 years old. I also study administration!

What social media do you use to grow your fan base?Which one do you recommend most?

Instagram works very well for me. Basically, the people who follow me are the same ones from the cam site pages I manage, so it's very organic!

Any suggestions for promoting your insta?

Of course! I promote my instagram a lot when I'm streaming, I usually put it in the corner of my screen. I encourage them to add me to their favorites on the pages and let them know on instagram we will have an even closer friendship.

The viewers like it, because they get to see you not just as a model, but also the beautiful person you are too! That helps build loyalty.

So how do you manage your instagram content?

I feel that platforms like instagram, by not letting you post explicit content, instead encourage you to be more flirtatious, provocative-- to be creative with what you post so that (the viewers) want to see more of you. It leaves more to the imagination.

How do you drive traffic to your cam room or platform like onlyfans/instagram?

Through my stories. Before streaming, I always take a picture of how I am dressed or I make a boomerang and publish it (on insta) along with my link. From my cam pages, I message them to follow me on instagram. On instagram, I also make sure that they know that I have an OnlyFans since it is forbidden to promote it on the streaming platforms.

It depends on the platform. For example, Chaturbate sends me people by the categories (hashtags) and in Stripchat I ask those who are there to talk to me in the public chat to generate more traffic.

How do you deal with restrictions on promoting other sites?

For instagram it is important not to put the exact name of the other platforms, that's why I will use Allmylinks, or when I promote OnlyFans, I will change the name of the link to "blue page"

Is there anything else you want to share with other models?

I know that in recent months the situation has been getting complicated because the platforms are becoming saturated. But, there there is enough for everyone to share. Stream with the best attitude and do not let your spirits get down because all of that gets reflected. So if you want to stand out, don't do the same thing as everyone else. Take care of your show environment, invest in having a quality camera and microphone. All of that is important! But above all, build loyalty with your users, don't just be a model-- show them your full character beyond just the streaming time.

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