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Gaining Loyal Viewers: Tips from Asya and Cornelia
January 29, 2024
This week we interviewed two talented European models about their experience gaining and keeping loyal viewers. Cornelia increased her following by 120% in the last month, while Asya has managed to rack up a strong user-approval rating from her audience.

What's the difference between loyal viewers and regular followers?

Asya: Loyal viewers start as regular followers, but they have a key difference. Loyal ones appreciate the model not only for the visual component but also for their personality. They enjoy spending free time with you and getting personal attention, so your conversations are like a classic friendship. At the same time, they like to send tokens to make you happier and help you reach your materialistic goals .

How do you gain loyal viewers?

Asya: My only way to get a loyal fanbase is by just being myself with them. You should always remember: audience members are not just pixels with cash! Firstly, they are people just like you with their own emotions, life journeys, problems, dreams etc. But (almost) every one of them seeks the opportunity to be heard and understood on cam sites. Imagine yourself as an audience member: would you want to spend money on some irritated, angry guy who doesn't care about your feelings? Like they say: "Treat others the way you want to be treated". This philosophy is an important part of my audience interaction. Sure, I don't deny that fetishes might be quite different. But in most cases, people are more willing to communicate with nice, pleasant people more often.

Also, I write notes about loyal members for myself on the cam site. I'll write about information they shared such as their name, favorite pizza, breed of a dog, dreams about exploring space, etc. So I always have a theme for dialogue with them- don't ignore this tool! Everyone loves a genuine, attentive individual. Nobody likes to receive lifeless, copy-paste spam without any involvement.

Honestly speaking, I don't have a marketing strategy or desire to build a fake character because I'm too lazy for that :D There is so much literature on psychology publicly available, so you can constantly develop your knowledge about proper communication with consumers and improve your relationship-building skills every day.

Cornelia: A majority of my loyal viewers have been with me since the beginning of my journey. I tried to communicate a lot with each viewer, because there weren't many of them. I looked beautiful in the frame and did a lot of things in the public chat.

Some models mentioned that loyal viewers are not necessarily loyal tippers. What are your thoughts on this?

Asya: As we know, there are many subcategories of camming: you can be a content-creator, free-show or private model. Yes, you are right: total earnings often depends on lots of little tips and every token is important. You can't change your viewers' income in real life but you can awaken his desire to make you one of his expenditures. I am a supporter of using your voice in public chats, so I sometimes remind them they can get my personal attention in a private chat- and its working! Some members are happy to tip me for Lovense toy vibrations, and others pays me for privates. Using this work style, I can stay close with my audience and earn more tokens.

Anyway, there is no universal rule — you should find what suits you most by trial and error ;) Just don't be afraid to try new ways to strike up a conversation with viewers — your people will find you!

Cornelia: When a loyal viewer does not tip as much as I would like, I sometimes feel sad. Sometimes it even pisses me off, because only yesterday he left a lot, and today much less. I always listen to loyal viewers, and try to understand the reason. I never expect tips from some people because it can just be nice to chat with them, and I will see a lot of tips on a special day.

How do you handle loyal viewers who don't tip that much?

Asya: Not every viewer will tip you a lot or even tip at all, and its totally okay. To be fair, we don't donate to every influencer/ blogger/other models we like to watch every day ;D

But I appreciate my audience for more than just financial reasons. I'm also interested in chatting with them about various topics. I'm not a charity though, so I only do extra-actions by tip-menu only. But friendly attitude is free :p

Summing up: I love what I do. I never force myself, and that's why I haven't emotionally burned out. I don't want to try to manipulate them or do other psychological tricks, so yes... not every loyal viewer will help you buy a villa on Miami beach but at least you will have fun during your work. So even these users who don't pay will still see my genuine personality and appreciate this about me.

Cornelia: If someone is a loyal viewer who wants to spend no more than a hundred tokens a day on me, then over time I stop paying attention to him and trying to do anything for them.

Do you treat your loyal viewers and regular audience members differently? If so, how?

Asya: I don't forget to be grateful and thank loyal fans for their help and being in my life. As a bonus, I consider their tastes: for example, I can wear clothes/ hairstyle/ makeup they will like or turn on their favourite music. I try to create a cozy atmosphere in my broadcast so they return again and again.

But when I sell offline-content, I guess I'll make some discounts only for my loyals :)

Cornelia: I have to treat every loyal viewer differently. I can chat with some like a bro, and with others like a lady with a gentleman. For some, I never get nude. But for others, I take off my clothes as soon as I see that he started tipping, because I know that there will be non-stop tipping. For one of the viewers, I connect another toy because I got it thanks to him, and he is pleased when I use it in the frame.

Anything else that you want to share with other models?

Asya: Keep doing what you love. Don't listen to nobody; your life and your career is solely your responsibility. Wish 2024 will be happy for all of us <3

Cornelia: I want to recommend that models not get too attached to loyal viewers. Do not change yourself just for them by destroying your schedule or content.

Thank you to Asya and Cornelia for their insight! While loyal viewers are wonderful assets to a model, make sure that you always put yourself first. Do not change yourself or your content just to please one person. Your most loyal fans will always love the authentic you:)

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