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#New toys Meet Ridge, the new and exciting Lovense anal toy!
What's special about Ridge?
- Vibrating body and rotating tip for a completely new sensation, both modes can be independently controlled.
- Graduated beads design - Three graduating bulbs massage anus as they slip inside, suitable for a beginner to an advanced user.
- Designed for solo play, close-range, and long-distance control, compatible with ALL Lovense APPs and software, and of course, TIP-ACTIVATED!
- Waterproof
- Extremely quiet
- Long battery life - Up to 2 hours
- Covered in body safe silicone with flared base, easy to remove.
9 replies
2 weeks ago
Looks great, and that rotating tip sounds so much fun 👏
2 weeks ago
I was lucky enough to get to test the's very nice! Read the review for all the details.
Level 12
2 weeks ago
Seems to direct me to the Italian product site - I'm in the UK...
Level 10
2 weeks ago
I was right, yes they were anal beads
Level 8
2 weeks ago
Hi - I also seem to get misdirected with the URL. Would it be okay to post the above picture on my profile and link to the store page? I think this is a great addition to the Lovense product line and I'm sure it will be super popular! Thanks Lovense Team!
Admin replied to chillgguy:
2 weeks ago
Seems to be a glitch in the system, will be fixed soon!
2 weeks ago
MIght as well try Gush and Diamo first, but I also gotta get my hands on that!
replied to Vondoom Del Toro:
1 week ago
it is better to go little by little
Level 2
2 weeks ago
any one want to buy this for me lol been waiting for a toy like this