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#Course How to use Lovense Webcam to Monetise Your Streaming
I'm curious how do you set up the zooming on things when being tipped? Cause that looks cool!
I already have a OBSbot 4K webcam and it can do all of the exact same things and has the same stats, only wont respond to tips, I do have a few pre set zooms that I can click on with my remote so I always use that, curious how that works with the Lovense webcam, do you still need to click a preset thing to get it to zoom to?Or how does that work?😊

Wish the Lovense cam was released earlier, cause its cheaper then what I paid lol, missing a normal remotecontrol for it, prefer that over using my hands.
Have it on my wishlist now, wouldve instantly bought it if I didnt have something so similar already.😂 Would def be fun to compare it with the OBSbot one!😋
How to use Lovense Webcam to Monetise Your Streaming
In this course, cam model Eva Darling tested the Lovense Webcam exclusively and gives you her insights. As an experienced performer, she explains how to use the various features during your cam show, and consequently increase your income by adding these webcam features to your tip menu. By taking this course you will have a well-rounded understanding of how to use the brand-new Lovense Webcam. *Lovense Webcam is now on presale in several countries and regions. Get yours by clicking here:
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1 year ago
Looks like the Lovense cam is the OBSbot Tail camera but with a different body.
replied to Lorum:
1 year ago
The Lovense cam is def a bit smaller but yes I agree it works pretty much the same cause the hand gestures are the same aswell, so curious if the tipping system would also work with the OBSBot, if it is just a setting or something in the Lovense extension.
1 year ago
Hello SexySpookje!

You can check some more details about the tip activation function here:

We will soon add more guides explaining how to create up to 5 different areas for your fans to focus on.
replied to Ally_Fab:
1 year ago
I've read that but there isnt much about that on on there and how it works, can't wait for more info about it.😊
Admin replied to SexySpookje:
1 year ago
Coming soon! ;)
replied to Ally_Fab:
1 year ago
is there anything besides this video that allows for simple instructions on how to use all the functions on the webcam Ally? I am still struggling to figure out best angles for this cam when I am streaming. Thanks!
Level 3
1 year ago
🧠Thank you for all the helpful information beautiful women and bless ya!! ❤😻❤ #beautyqueens #wetkitties #womensneeds #urownspeeds 💦✋️😁