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Navigating Racism in the Adult Industry
About This Course
This course gives a comprehensive overview of navigating racism in the adult industry. Isla Cox discusses how to support models facing racism, how to acknowledge your privilege, how to foster an inclusive environment for everyone, and how to decompress after experiencing yourself. By completing this course, you'll develop a heightened proficiency in handling client interactions and effectively addressing the nuanced issue of racism within the industry. Your journey toward a more informed and impactful approach begins here.
About Course Instructors
With 3 years of industry experience, Isla Cox is a devoted yogi, culinary enthusiast, and passionate advocate for mental health. Her journey has been one of self-discovery, connecting with fans, and sharing authentic experiences. As a published model in esteemed publications like XBIZ, YNOT Cam, and HUSTLER, Isla has been nominated twice for Multi-Platform Master, reflecting her dedication to creating engaging and diverse content. She adores everything she has created in the industry and her entire fan base.
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