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Camming as a Polyamorous Group
About This Course
This course provides valuable insights on the topic of Polyamory, with a specific focus on creating content and camming as a polyamorous group. Through their personal experiences, Lord Panda, Cleo Panda, and Nova Panda share how they navigate their lifestyle and incorporate it into their model and creator lives. They delve into various aspects such as the types of cam shows and content they produce, establishing boundaries with other collaborators, and offering practical tips for polyamorous groups venturing into the adult industry. By taking this course, you will gain comprehensive knowledge on polyamory and learn effective strategies to maintain a healthy equilibrium between your personal and professional life within the adult industry.
About Course Instructors
The Panda Word is an exceptional adult streaming and content creation house brought to you by the talented and progressive Panda Family. Comprising of Lord Panda, Cleo Panda, Nova Panda, and Bunny Panda, this group brings a fresh perspective to the industry. With nearly five years of professional experience, they offer an authentic glimpse into their real-life relationships and genuine sexual desires showcasing a range of experiences and relationships that are often stigmatized. By collaborating with other open-minded individuals, they expand their artistic endeavors, creating content and cam shows that portray true intimacy and connection.
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