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Tip Menu Best Practices: Advice from an Experienced Model Maria
November 27, 2023
Maria, a cam model with 4 years of experience, recently shared her experience with Lovense Basic Levels and designing tip menus for shows. She also offered advice on how to use these features for best results.

About Basic Levels

Models using Lovense Cam Extension or Stream Master can customize their toy reactions based on the amount tipped by a viewer. Simply choose a toy, set the tipping range and the desired reaction. Users can customize toy vibration duration and intensity.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I'm Maria, at the moment my experience in webcam is just over four years. For the first couple of years I worked at different studios, for a year I was an administrator, and for the last year I have been working from home. I prefer streaming in the Mistress/Brat Domme categories. I also made various work guides for my familiar models.

How do you set up your toy rules (Basic Levels)?

Well, it all depends on several factors:

Firstly, what kind of toy are you working with? Of course, if this is everyone’s favorite Lovense Lush or the new Lovense Vulse, then you should use the recommended settings.

In the case of Lovense Domi or Lovense Nora, I would prefer to start not with 1 token, but with at least 15 for Domi and higher for Nora. Now I only have Lovense Nora, given by my favorite member, and I only use it from 100 tokens.

Secondly, a lot also depends on your style of working as a model. What show are you hosting? What is your reaction to vibrations? Are you naked during the show or does she work in the non-nude category?

I have never set vibration levels based on the tip menu, since I have quite a lot of tip menu items and making so many vibration levels that would not be combined with the tip menu makes no sense to me. But if you have a small tip menu list, you can try this strategy. In any case, it's up to you.

So you just keep it at the default level?

I recommend this for newer models. As I said above, I now have Lovense Nora and its vibration starts from 100 tokens per 10 seconds of vibration. When I had Lovense Lush, the vibration started from 3 tokens in 1 second, which was also directly dependent on the style of work of the Mistress

Will you adjust tip menu based on your number of fans or income or anything else?

Usually no. I raise prices for privates, but not for the tip menu or vibration level.

Are there any other Tip Menus you use while streaming?

Certainly! Most cam sites have a special section where you can specify your tip menu. I'll show you my tip menu using Chaturbate as an example. With the help of bots, I have configured 4 different types of menus for different needs. I thought it would be a good idea to split them up so it wouldn't be a mess on the main tip menu. Since I work in the Mistress category, I have a separate tip menu for “taxes” and a separate one for “treat me.” For fetishists there is also a separate menu for purchasing used lingerie

Last question: How do you make these special menus?

Technically - I use my own Chaturbate bots to create different tip menus. You can also use Dorothy Ultra Fembot or similar bots, there are a lot of different settings for your show. In addition, I launched a ticker at the bottom of the screen using the Lovense OBS Toolset, where you can see some phrases about me, links to my fan clubs and all the items from the tip menu randomly. Be careful if you take my idea with the “treat me” menu into service though - many sites do not like it when models ask for money for some everyday and household things.

Regarding the idea of creating such different tip menus - I didn’t want to overload the already voluminous menu, so I sat down, wrote out the menu items in Excel in several columns (menu item, price, topic) and then simply set the filter by topic. So I managed to split the menu into several. I got the ideas for the "treat me" and tax menu from several other dominatrixes who used it as a regular tip menu.

Which items on your menu are the most popular?

[Tippers] take a little bit from each tip menu, with the possible exception of the dirty items menu. I plan to move it just to bio/profile. More often, of course, they take something not very expensive. Quite often they pay for a cup of coffee - I had a period when each shift this menu item was bought three or four times. They often pay a menu of taxes, especially the “small penis tax.” Well, further depending on the fetish and needs. The tip menu really helps shy guys who don't want to write in general chat or private messages about what specifically they like. I don't keep any statistics, although I think it's worth including that in the bot hahaha

Any advice for new models building their own tip menu?

I would recommend first adding those items that will be comfortable for you. Especially if you work in a studio. In addition, it is sometimes worth turning on your imagination, and in addition to the classic points of “showing some part of the body,” add something unusual. Perhaps some kind of sports exercise - plank, squats, burpees. It is possible to add friends in Lovense Remote for a fee. And of course, increase your visibility and focus on the requests of members.

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