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Studio vs. Independent Model Which is right for you?
Studio vs. Independent Model: Which is right for you?
March 12, 2024
Elekttra has both experience as a studio and an independent model. In this interview, she tells us about the differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Could you please introduce yourself?

Of course, I'm Elekttra, a bongacams model with 5 months in the industry; 2 months in a web cam studio and 3 months as an independent model. It's a real honor to be chosen for this interview.

What is the difference between working in a studio vs. working as an independent model?

The difference is that to be an independent webcam model and succeed you have to have discipline, you have to challenge yourself every day to achieve your goals. As an independent model, you are a model, you are a monitor, you are your photographer— you are everything! You can have motivation and a lot of desire to be great but without discipline you will not do much. When you are an independent model, you need to manage your time. So many models are satisfied with giving the bare minimum, but pages like Bonga require many hours online to succeed.

Is there any difference in income?

Of course yes, but it's kind of funny— we models think that getting to keep almost 100% of our income will be much better. But, as I said before, if you want to be successful then you are everything, so you also have to pay a professional photographer, you have to invest in your streaming equipment and no on tells you all this. So in the end it's not much of a difference but it gives you greater satisfaction to know that its all your own stuff.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a studio?

There are many advantages such as having a whole team at your disposal, monitors, makeup, even for payments it is much easier through a studio, being able to take out toys on credit, etc. The disadvantages are time— some studios use fines so that models comply with their schedules, but some models find it difficult for different reasons to always comply with that schedule. While it would be ideal for a model to maintain the same schedule, you also have to understand that most models enter the industry out of necessity— they lack money or are mothers, maybe they are paying for their university degrees.

Have you ever had a bad experience with your studio?

As a model, you can have great experiences and also not so great ones during your career. Envy, jealousy and bullying can be some problems you might experience when a professional relationship ends in not the best terms.

But you can learn from the difficult experiences and find motivation to move forward, in my case it helped me become an independent model. It is important to speak out when you see discrepancies in what you think you deserve, also when the work conditions are not allowing a work-life balance. My solution to an adverse situation like that was to make a savings plan and use this money to invest in my career as an independent model. I don't regret this decision and It has been all great since then.

What advice do you have for models who want to join a studio?

That they choose a good studio! Sometimes we get into unreliable studios for minor reasons— it was closer to home, because they don't put fines or maybe because they don't demand so much. But personally I like studios that seem demanding— those studios that want to get the best out of you and that know how to work as a team to increase your profits and your self-esteem. So what if a studio pays you a higher percentage? What do they give you in return? Do they take professional photos for you? Does it have 24/7 monitoring? Do they help you improve your English? That's what you should be looking for! It's not about being just another model— we have to be the best and for that we need to get together with the best.

How can you distinguish between high demands that help you and high demands that just squeeze you?

A serious studio will give you training before entering. They will tell you that along with your benefits, there are also rules to follow— that may be schedule compliance, the cleanliness of the equipment used, etc. They will also teach you how to manage your page, arrange for professional photographs, and they will always be focused on helping you grow. A shady studio will not give you training and just throw you into a room to fend for yourself. That is where models will get frustrated and quit the industry.

What advice do you have for models who want to leave studios and become independent?

Discipline is the key to everything. Be constant on the pages, save your money, and invest in good equipment and an adequate space to livestream. Remember it's not just about standing in front of the camera and giving it everything. Being independent also doesn't mean it is easier, actually you will struggle more. You have to have clear goals and keep trying until you succeed.

Learn a lot, take everything that is good about the studio— how to handle site pages, which angles look best on you, what time works best for you, and above all research everything about the platform your managing. If you don't know something, join the Lovense Cam 101 group. The truth is, although I have a lot of experience in the industry thanks to my success in bonga, there were still some things that I didn't know and I learned them [on Cam101]. There's a lot of different people there- models, moderators, and studios- so we get to see different perspectives besides just models.

Is there anything else you want to share with other models?

When I started, I dreamed of so many things that seemed impossible. But with hard work and the hand of discipline, I have achieved it and although it sounds nice and motivating, when I achieved those things I didn't feel anything because I sabotaged myself. I want to tell you that: if you can achieve what you dream, please value all the effort you make. Don't be so hard on yourself; every step is progress towards success. Of course we can do better, but your progress no matter how small is still progress. Do not forget that you are human, so make time for yourself so that you can always give your best. Not just on the platform, we have to be well overall in order to be the best in the industry. Love a lot and keep fighting- you're already very brave for being here.

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