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LiveJasmin and Kinsey Institute Team Up for Innovative Study on Virtual Dating
April 26, 2023
LiveJasmin's partnership with the Kinsey Institute has revealed how virtual dating through live cam services can foster sexual knowledge, communication, and confidence, according to the first study in the series that surveyed over 5,000 users.

LiveJasmin, the award-winning camming site, has partnered with the Kinsey Institute to conduct a series of studies exploring the effects of virtual dating through camming services on sexual health and mental well-being. The first study in the series, which surveyed over 5,000 LiveJasmin users, revealed how virtual dating could foster sexual knowledge, communication, and confidence.

According to the study, over 80 percent of the surveyed users have been using LiveJasmin for over two years. More than 60 percent of the respondents reported learning something new about their own sexuality or the opposite gender's sexuality through virtual dating on the platform. Meanwhile, 30 percent acknowledged becoming better sexual partners as a result of their interactions on the site. Participants emphasized the importance of establishing a personal connection with good chemistry to enhance intimacy and reported increased levels of self-confidence in their sex lives.

Dr. Amanda N. Gesselman, associate director for research at the Kinsey Institute, led the study and commented on how LiveJasmin's unique environment promotes openness and vulnerability, which contrasts starkly with the expectations people face in their daily lives, particularly men. She added that the results reveal significant growth and learning in sexual knowledge, including how to be a better sexual partner to women and navigate sexual consent.

Károly Papp, co-founder, and director of LiveJasmin, emphasized the crucial role of open communication in sexual relationships and how being able to discuss anything with your partner leads to greater self-confidence. He also highlighted LiveJasmin's primary focus on the 'human connection' aspect of live camming, which is why their users prefer their service over adult videos. The ability to connect and talk to models provides a more meaningful and satisfying experience for viewers.

To learn more about the Kinsey Institute, click here.

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