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Bring Christmas Magic with NEW Tip Animations and Stickers
Lovense Cam Extension
Bring Christmas Magic with NEW Tip Animations and Stickers
December 07, 2023
Ready to bring some Christmas magic to your cam shows? Today we're introducing holiday animations that are sure to get your audience into the Christmas spirit!

Christmas is just around the corner, and the Lovense team just rolled out a holiday collection of tip animations that's sure to make your stream stand out from the rest. Get ready to deck your shows and add a layer of interactive fun for your viewers!

Level 1: Enchanting Christmas Wreath

When viewers donate 1-10 tokens, you'll receive an adorable Christmas wreath with a red ribbon. It's a fun way to add instant festive charm.

Level 2: Dazzling Christmas Tree

When viewers donate 11-15 tokens, a stunning Christmas tree will appear on the right side of your screen, complete with eye-catching effects. Get ready to dazzle your audience with this Christmas classic!

Level 3: Whimsical Christmas Wonderland

For donations of 51-100 tokens, a gift box will open, revealing a cute snowman and a spinning reindeer carousel. Your viewers will be delighted by this sweet Christmas setup.

Level 4: Visit from Santa

When users donate 101-300 tokens, Santa Claus will fly across your screen and land on the right side, delivering gifts. It's a magical moment that's sure to make your audience smile.

How to set up

You can set up these charming tip animations by going to the Visuals tab in Lovense Cam Extension or Stream Master. Then simply click the "Tip animation" ribbon and enable your favorite visuals.

Stay tuned for more amazing Christmas-themed panels, tip animations and stickers coming your way. We wish you a merry Christmas streaming season-- now go out there and get ready to sleigh!

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