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#Lovense Watching setup videos to get my Lush3 set up on cam!
Hi! I'm researching how to get my Lush3 set up today. Downloaded the remote and the browser, but for some reason my computer and phone are not finding my device when I try to connect. Any help is appreciated!
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2 years ago
Hi and welcome,

Lovense has 2 different apps. For camming, you need the Lovense Connect app. It has a pink icon.

Based on using your computer + phone as you mentioned, here is what you should do:

1. Pair your toy with the Lovense Connect app on your phone.
2. Click the pink icon in the top right of the Lovense browser on your computer (this is the Cam Extension) and open the settings page. Scan the QR code on that page.
3. Fill in your settings and begin broadcasting on your cam site.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions in the 2nd video from this page:

If you have questions please let us know.
replied to reallifetony:
1 year ago
Good evening Admin, please can you help out with the process of connecting my lovense lush to my tango streaming app. I followed the video tutorial, but tango wasn't among the cam site listed. Hence my current plight! Please I'll appreciate your assistance
Level 3
2 years ago
Thank you! This is a lot of info to go through. I'm on Flirt4Free but I don't see it in the camming sites offered to pick a cam site. Are you able to help with that?
Admin replied to ArabellaPrimo:
2 years ago
Oh! The instructions above are for most cam sites, but F4F is a little different.

You will need to log into your model account, but here is a link to the guide:

It might seem overwhelming at first but once you set it up once or twice it should be easy to remember. Hope this helps!