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Hi Everyone! I'm curious to know- how do you deal with the waiting around for members to join or start being active in your room? I'm not sure if engagement is down because it's January, but I'm noticing it's been really tough getting tipping members! I try to encourage some chat and do some teasing etc, but I'm afraid of giving away too much only to have people just come in and not tip. Any advice from the vets out there? Thank you so much xxx
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Level 2
2 years ago
Damn everyone was just struggling huh? Lol I’m Stripchat and SAME, only got 55 usd Nd in room...usually I have about 1000!
Glad to hear that I’m not the only one slow in this month.😢😢😟
replied to Nataliasa:
2 years ago
Omg it's been so slow! I'm blaming the January blues, but still- so frustrating!
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2 years ago
i thought i was the only one!!! it was sooooooo sooooo slow!
2 years ago
Maybe you can use some games to interact with your members
2 years ago
It's hard for a new girl to build a regular following, keep streaming, be positive. Viewers usually won't tip a new girl because half of the new streamers will quit after one month, you will need to keep streaming regularly, and once they know you stream regularly, they will start to tip.

And don't expect to convert everyone. Keep track of how many followers or tippers you convert every day. It will help if you see the trending
2 years ago
Hello Kat! It’s always some periods, when in room can be less active people. Still be patient and do teasing and wait a little. I m sure situation will change soon. The most important - don’t lose your motivation! 😊
2 years ago
Hi Kat! It is normal that sometimes the room is inactive since they are real users that are with you, do not focus because it is January or something so it is the best thing to try to make your users and maintain the proof of your transmissions a same schedule always that helps a lot besides being interactive, but being interactive is not making free, talk games. con step time will generate that fixed public that is for you, using social networks like Twitter is a good option
Ashley West
Level 6
2 years ago
When the chat goes dead I usually dance, start asking them a naughty or even a SFW question either about themselves or about me or the show, or I literally just start talking about something going on in my life or work, really whatever comes to mind. Maybe show them new toys or lingerie that I got to encourage a private show or for them to tip me to use it with. I always try to remind myself that I control the chat and that the chat does not control me!
Level 5
2 years ago
I play video games to pass the time while guys aren't tipping or taking me pvt, I've seen models do lots of activities to still be entertaining but also pass time like cooking , painting etc... little hobbies
Level 3
2 years ago
Hello Kat, I'm Tanya, it's a pleasure to meet you ;-) extended hand shakes and hugs! lol

I find a good way to get clients to be in your room is to send out notifications stating that you are online through your social media accounts. This is a good way to let clients know you are interested and available for connecting during the slow parts of your stream.

I even find that sending out a notification prior to your stream, letting clients know that you will be online soon, is a great way to bring in client traffic to your room.

A good suggestion, from another camming model, pasted along this piece of information, I found it worked wonders for me, posting a schedule for set times that you will be available online is a great way to keep traffic flow of clients in your room as well.

Wish you the past in all your journeys!