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#Help/Advice How male content creators gain audience on Onlyfans?
I see a lot of posts from girls, and it seem obvious for me that they use a lot of SFS and buy promotes on other girls' pages, use reddit and tiktok. But i've never seen any males offer those, and i cant find ANY male sfs chats or promotions posts. All i see (on big profiles) is just either random promoting retweets; or pages with 20K+ retweets, while the owner only have like 10 posts at all. Am i missing some kind of secret tech, chats, places to find them, or is it just that they asking each other for retweets all day every day?😔
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Level 23
7 months ago
Great question. I hope someone knows so I can find out also. Good luck my friend!
7 months ago
Honestly, I think the women are better at supporting each other than the guys. Yes there is a LOT of crap reposts/retweets and such within this industry, but some of that is a necessary evil (IMPO) to get noticed. On Reddit and Discord look up CamGirlPromblems (they're fine with guys on there too) and even our own Discord server ( and ask around. Using social media can be a pain (especially with sex work) and using reposts and hash tags to get found is a mandatory thing. Getting "found" or become "The-Next-Nig-Thing" doesn't happen overnight so it's persistence will work for you in the end.