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#New member Having to block someone that was very rude
I had a good paying customer that was very sweet to me we talked for about a month, long story short he got mad because i had said no to him about something and then wanted to harass my fan's and then on top of it he started to try to order me around. I don't put up with that so i banned him for life. He kept creating new accounts just to harass me this went on for some time, but i was the worst!
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Level 14
1 month ago
That sucks. Report him if harassment continues. You will get new customers, don’t worry. Loosing revenue sucks but mental health is too important.
Level 30
1 month ago
Level 4
1 month ago
That looks like stalking wow, get him reported
1 month ago
So it depends on the platform it happened on, but some platforms can do a Device ID ban especially if you kept records of the different accounts he created, if he used multiple devices on those profiles the better chance of him not returning because they would be restricted.