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#Help/Advice 🌟 POLL TIME Cam101 self-promotion channel 🌟
Calling all Cam101 members! 🌟
We need your input! 🔍✨ At Cam101, we're always looking for fresh ways to support our amazing community. 🤝 This time, we want to know if you'd find a collaborative and self-promotion channel beneficial. 🎉✨

Picture this: a dedicated space to uplift your fellow models, connect on social networks, and share invaluable promotion tips and tricks. 🚀📷 Plus, you'll have the opportunity to team up with other models for double, triple, or quadruple the impact! 🤝💫

Cast your vote and let us know your thoughts below! 🗳️👇 Together, we can take our Cam101 experience to new heights! 🚀✨
So, what's your take on this idea? 📲💭
❌ No, it doesn't seem relevant to me.
✅ Yes, but I'm solely focused on promoting my own networks.
✅ Yes, I'm excited to collaborate with other models.
✅ Yes, I think it's fantastic and useful, let's make it happen!
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12 voted
5 replies
1 week ago
I think this could be a good idea but it might end up being just a ton of spammy links and dudes perving out looking for "Hot MILF's in your area".
Moderator replied to Lorum:
7 days ago
we might be a little busy with this one, what do you think? 🤔
Level 10
1 week ago
It would be nice if it helps increase the models' audience
1 week ago
Totally agree with Lorum here, this could be a channel that could easily be abused
1 week ago
Yeah, I know it is tricky, should only be models supporting models. It can be a pilot experience and see, but I want to hear yout thoughts :)