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#Help/Advice Transfer of tokens from Model to Model on StripChat
I have become the unfortunate victim to a hacker, whom got into my accounts linked to the Gmail account that I used for camming purposes.
Google have looked into the matter, and made the ultimate decision to terminate said account, leaving me high and dry in regards to correspondence with support team within Stripchat (all their responses automatically go to cam account, which ofcourse does not exist anymore)

My challenge now is, I've needed to create a new cam profile and I have existing tokens (800+) on this profile, I need to have those tokens transferred (somehow) to my new account without losing them...
Stripchat has a policy indicating that MODELS / STUDIOS cannot TIP other models / studios. How could I go about transferring said tokens, in order for me to delete old profile and start camming on the newly created profile?

ANY assistance in this regard IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED
Thanking all in advance
Miss_Understood (Miss Red)
3 replies
2 months ago
I'm so sorry to hear that! Please read through the Camming Safety Guide and let me now if you have any questions.
Miss Red
replied to Lorum:
2 months ago
Hi there Lorum,

Thank you ever so much for the safety guide, but luckily i had discovered it just after the incident...
My concern with the guide is that it DOES NOT ANSWER my question at all. I need to transfer my current tokens (807) over to new account / profile... I CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE THESE TOKENS.
It's a relentless industry, and one holds on to EVERY TOKEN as it is generally the ONLY INCOME some of us have and use to survive in this big, bad world of ours

ANY advice will be extremely, HIGHLY APPRECIATED

Thanking you in advance
Moderator replied to Miss Red:
2 months ago
Sorry I dont use StripChat. I'm guessing the only way to not lose those tokens is to cash them out.