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Hello. I m working on stripchat; I started on my own 2 weeks ago, having 1 year expirience in studios.
I need some advices... I feel stressed... No motivation, still need gaining money, but I feel it s worse to go online when I feel bad. I also got my period last days, it s very hard to be online like, how do you guys deal with red days on cam?
Also... About, I want to have a passive income as well, how can I grow account still keeping my confidentiality? Some advices will help me very much, I confuse from a while :(
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7 months ago
Welcome. I suggest checking out the "New Cammers" link below (along with the others to get you up to speed). If you're stressed and not motivated...take a few days for yourself. Rest, relax. Then come back with a plan. It's best to come up with a schedule that works for you and to stick to it for a couple of weeks. Adjust as needed. You'll want to use social media and LOTS of hashtags to get your name out and so your fans can find you. Having content that they can buy (such as on OnlyFans or Fansly, etc) also helps get you noticed. Be careful with the content...some social media sites don't like NSFW content. At first it will go slow, then as you do it more and viewers discover you, you'll build up a bigger fan base (with those big tippers!). You can also do multi streaming with StreamMaster to try and get more viewers across different sites at the same time.

This is normal after only 2 got this!

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6 months ago
As a guy I don’t have “red” days, however my girlfriend who is also a model is very smart how she handles it. She will do a show doing fulfill blowjob or foot job. Sometimes she just chats and takes song requests. You just need to adjust your menu to match the things you can do and feel comfortable. You might be pleasantly surprised on those days broadcasting. You could find fans that enjoy the things you can focus on while dealing with your time of month. Cheers, and good luck. Love Foxhunt99
replied to foxhunt99:
5 months ago
yes i agree! and thank you its nice to get a mans input on this. and im still pretty new but have learned to just adjust or have a limited menu during those days