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#StreamMaster output resolution of lovense obs virtual camera
I wanted to know how to set the output resolution of the virtual camera created by streammaster. The one called ¨Lovense OBS Virtual Camera¨

In OBS my webcam is configured to 1920x1080.
In the OBS video settings my output resolution is also set to 1920x1080.

The virtual camera called ¨OBS Virtual Camera¨ is fine and works at 1920x1080.
But this virtual camera seems to be used by StreamMaster. If I use it elsewhere it stops working in StreamMaster.

The virtual camera called ¨Lovense OBS Virtual Camera¨ remains at 1280x720.
I can´t find anywhere how to change this, can anyone help me?
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2 weeks ago
I'm not sure I'm following what the issue is. If you go into the OBS app, if you click on the Video Capture Device under the Sources section, then the little gear at the bottom you'll see the settings for the device.