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#Tech help Streammaster Freezing up
Does anyone else have an issue with streammaster freezing up while streaming? My stream will continue on but my page will freeze up and make it to where I can’t even change the page. Do you think it has something to do with my laptop or it is streammaster itself?
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5 months ago
My Stream master will look fine for me but be shit for the viewers. I have had MANY pvts and tip streaks ruined because of the lovense software. NO matter what way i try to stream the only thing that works for me is when i DONT use anything but the lovense connect app and manually connecting it to each individual website or streaming one platform at a time. there are certain websites that work better streaming together too. like cam soda and chaturbate will literally both send you no traffic if you cam together
camsoda wont send you real traffic unless you are online a certain number of hours also, is my theory as it is just what I experience.
5 months ago
You may want to check what is running in the background. The biggest issue with StreamMaster is that many security tools seem to really impact it's performance. You want to disable the security apps while you're streaming as well as any backup software or cloud drives (Dropbox, Google Drive). I like using Puriform CCleaner (use the free version) to clean up Windows systems and easily disable all those startup items.

Also, you want to be sure you have at least 16 GB of RAM.