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I really need to come up w/ something to get me vip seats in #specials. I don;t have anyone to ever help and i usually get discouraged and I don't participate but this is an opportunity that could actually get me where I need to be. I have struggled my whole life and I know I can make the money that could give my kids a better chance in life. I have weeks im actually doing great but then nothing. I could use some help getting a vip seat and actually getting the exposure I need. I want to use everything I have learned from my experiences and help other girls one day so they don't have to feel they will never be like others they see and watch, b/c. i dont have that many more years at this job. I have never gave up for some reason i keep coming back and I promised myself that i owed it to myself to actually show myself I can do it and I know it takes time and trust me I have put in time I just need someone experienced w/ thjs job to, this industry and understands what im trying to express and maybe give me a little guidance and some advice. You would be making a difference in someone’s life, I can promise you that.
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3 days ago
Hey there! I am Elle, the Community Manager on Stripchat. I just sent you a dm in order to speak in detail about everything! I'd be happy to help you out with the issues you mentioned. Looking forward to your reply. :)