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#Help/Advice just curious
i just curious anyone had other models come in and not say nothing. i think is weird other models and come in and not say anything all. if they did say something like say 3 or hi. i try to hi but nothing, anyone advice for get people talking
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Level 10
1 month ago
they do that in hope of getting you or your visitors to their room. I dont have a problem with them being in my room as it gives me a viewer count, when its slow i will visit others sometimes.
Level 5
1 month ago
It would be nice if they engaged more. Maybe offer to be their mods or something.
Level 8
4 weeks ago
my boyfriend hates this, the other day he had 19 people in his room, they were all cam girls not saying a word or engaging in anything he was very annoyed it seems as though its only with male models, i have my cam set to not show to women so that this doesnt happen 🤷
replied to ErikaFoxx:
4 weeks ago
i had same shit happened me. each night i have 7-10 people in my room and most them are other models not want to say anything all. people do talk and be great. my guess be why other models do that is try to get you in they rooms same time you doing your own stuff
replied to ErikaFoxx:
4 weeks ago
ps i will come in his room and say hi. im always down for making new friends