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#New member A series of unfortunate events
I started because I got made redundant and then got multiple tears in my achilles tendon and bad arthritis in my hands so doing most things hurts. I can do this from home and control my hours. I'm a kiwi in Aussie and I get no help from the govt or any other places that provide assistance. So zero income, life going down the loo and my landlord has said he's going to send me an eviction notice..
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1 week ago
Welcome, sorry to hear about all your troubles!
replied to Lorum:
3 days ago
Not troubles, just life, but it can seriously eat aa bag of right now!!!I feel really embarrassed sheesh, this was one of the things in the bio list I thought you had to fill in when joining. I didn't realise it got published (face palm) although it probably helps you understand why I';m so pesky and nerdy about getting things right. I'm also 53 and 363 days old and have no clue and it's all new. That 's why I appreciate your help. If you'd seen my first stream you would have been highly amused...think really really really slow car crash with some Monty Pythonesque slapstick humour chucked in hahaha
Moderator replied to RaquelleRyder:
3 days ago
I wouldn't worry about it too much, shit happens. And if the stream is amusing and fun....people will come back!
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1 week ago
damn that's tough, sorry to hear it
really hope you can make things better

and welcome to cam101 x