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#Tech help #Streaming software OBS and my frustrations
does anyone else find it somewhat irritating how hard it is to set up obs for the first time? then you multi-stream, add devices, i added my phone because its camera is 4k. i did this on im not the most tech savy person but man, there are way too many steps to get started. oh yeah, then i did multi cameras on the same stream, ughh so frustrating! just wanted to vent and get peoples opinions. thanks guys!!
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1 year ago
Totally agree that it can be a bit intimidating at first. I know that even looking at all the controls on OBS Studio can be confusing! For sure it was for me the first several times I used it.

We have a new(ish) piece of software called Stream Master which has everything built-in, from toy connection to OBS, to the ability to multistream. Maybe check it out and see what you think. The setup process is much more simplified and we have an onboarding guide that you will see automatically when opening it for the first time. Any questions or feedback, please post it here.