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#Tips & Tricks I need to find more content ideas!!!
Hi everybody!

So little back ground:
I'm 35 and I've been on and off of Stripchat and OF for the pass 1.5-2 years.
I realized.... I am not a content creator -_-

I love doing live!!! Once in a while, I'll have a photoshoot sexy/cute that I will post.
But I can't seem to find what to post on a regular basis. Just to keep people entertained while I'm not live or whatever!

I need ideas on how to or what to create day to day.

Thanks for everyone response in advance!
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Level 4
4 months ago
I have the same issue, posting between streams to keep people engaged and entertained. Unfortunately for me tho, I can't stream when I want. I rent a room, and my roomie knew that I was an escort and cam model.
One rule: No sex work.
So, I Stream when I'm alone in the place which isn't often.. 💔
but anyways!...
Try different lighting, poses, toys, outfits... have you tried any roleplay? it can get really interesting!
And someone needs to cater to those feet and mistress kinks!
Check out other girls for inspo,

but above all, stay true to being you! thats what your fans love after all🥰
Mama Diamond-Amanda
replied to Riley:
4 months ago
Thanks! I'll have to check. I'm not much of a Mistress. Let's say I prefer being cared for. I'm more of a submissive.
So I have to find ideas so that people wants to take care of me.
I could try to implicate my Sir...
I can stream pretty much when I want. (When the kids are at school) but for the days I can't stream I need more ideas!
4 months ago
You do you. I don't really create any content, though I have some up on PornHub. I cam live because that's my guilty turn on. So do whatever works for you!
Sky Graves
Level 2
4 months ago
Try and think of any traditional job (office work, barista, teacher, factory, mail), and dress inspired to that! have that be the room title. Has helped me a ton to gain room traffic or even to help with being stumped with captions/sexting/dirty talk