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#New member Sad moment
Being on live more than 12 hours but no tips
4 replies
1 month ago
unfortunately that just happens sometimes 😪

and welcome to cam101 x
Princess Sarah
Level 12
4 weeks ago
Welcome to cam101.
Sorry to hear that as you were on for so long.
I hit my what I wanted in one hour but stayed on talking to my followers
Level 8
4 weeks ago
always try new things, also dont just sit there people are attracted to the preview so make sure youre always keeping that in mind, try different hashtags and stay positive. i know that can be hard but your mood does affect your stream. keep a happy/ welcoming feel and people will tip, try not to complain to people thats a turn off. good luck!
4 weeks ago
Be sure to chat with the viewers. There are some good Courses on ways to do that.