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Hey everyone,
I’m just starting out on chaturbate and wondering what people do to keep the chat going in the room. It feels a bit awkward when you try to make conversation but nobody in the room is responding. I wouldn’t say I’m shy or anything, but being new on camera takes some getting used to. I would feel more comfortable if the chat were more active.
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2 months ago
welcome to cam101 x

You will find a lot of info available in the Getting Started and Skills section.

There is also a good walkthrough of one of the sites, you might find this a good read:

The Discord server is also a good place to ask any questions that you may have:

This is the link to the Beginner Guides that can be found in the Getting Started section under More For You.
Level 2
2 months ago
Ik ervaar dat ook zo, en dat is best wel ongemakkelijk. Ben ook erg benieuwd naar de ervaringen
Divy Moon
Level 2
2 months ago
I usually will just start lightly teasing/ being playful.
I'll start asking open ended questions.
"How was everyone's week!?"
"What's everyone excited about this weekend"
Show genuine interest in them and what they've got going on.

Sometimes this will encourage people to start chatting.
You could also maybe offer up some incentive to engage chatting in the beggining like a raffle for the first names you see in chat! Then you will have a good start to build off of!