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Hello everyone! I don't know if you can help.
I stream with OBS and I use a Blue Yeti microphone. The main issue is that the mic picks up my voice but not the surrounding sounds like music or other (spanks,etc...) and it's very annoying!!! Is there anyone who could help? Thank you in advance for you help! Have a nice day:)
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2 months ago
use another capture mode

Microphone Settings
#1) Cardioid Mode: This pattern records those sounds which are directly in front of the microphone and are ideal for podcasts, voice-overs, and vocal performances. In this pattern, sensitivity is maximum in front of the microphone. For best results in this pattern, the sound source must be directly in front of the microphone.

It is also important to remember that maximum sound rejection for this microphone happens at the rear of the microphone. Therefore, in order to reduce background noise, it is advisable to keep the sound source behind the microphone.

#2) Stereo Mode: This mode is a superb choice when recording acoustic guitar or choir, as it involves both left and the right channels for creating quality sound recordings. It is extremely useful when it is important to record not just the sounds but also their position around the microphone. This mode is not suited for recordings when the person who is recording also moves around.

#3) Omnidirectional: As the name suggests, this polar pattern can pick up sound equally from all directions of the microphone. It is best suited for situations like recording a live performance of a band or a conference call.

#4) Bidirectional: This particular mode records from two directions, i.e. front and back of the microphone. It is an optimum setting to choose while recording an interview involving two people or maybe while recording a duet. It is ideal for situations in which two sound sources are involved.
2 months ago
Like chuppa want to change the mode. Generally, omni directional is what you want.