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#New member Something I wish I knew before starting my camming career
I wish I'd known that you don't always have to do what is requested of you. I always thought that because the client was paying I had to do pretty much whatever they wanted me to if I wanted to make any money. Now I know I don't have to do anything I'm not comfortable with, or even not in the mood to do! You can have boundaries and limits and still be very successful as a cam model.
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1 year ago
I agree only do what makes you happy, never do anything you are not comfortable doing. I also wish I was more aware of geo-blocking of certain states or countries. As well as learning more about various cam site user settings for turning off third party site tracking.
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1 year ago
not for nothing that the rules of the site indicate what you should not do, the rest you choose yourself and rightly so. but you should not deceive users by saying that you can do something while in fact you cannot. this should be discussed in advance.
1 year ago
YOU set the rules, not the viewers. Remember, you are the the one on charge.