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#New toys Review: A Kraken idea for a present!
I was also lucky to receive a set of Kraken eggs to try, and to review.
All of the details below can be found in the attached pictures.

If you are new to Lovense, the you will be pleased to know that all of their products are despatched in plain packaging with no mention of Lovense or the products on the box or label. so the postie or whoever takes this in for you will be blissfully unaware of the fun inside the box.

These are a male masturbator toy made out of bodysafe TPE, so stretchy and very kind to the skin with an absolutely magical feel.
The outside of the Kraken has raised tentacles for added grip which is a very good idea as you will certainly get some of the lube on your hands.
From the outside, the Krakens all look identical, but inside there are six different patterns of ridges, whirls, and other sensuous textures. I turned them inside out in of the pics so that you can see what I mean.
The insides are suited to different stroking methods, straight up and down, twisting, or a mixture of both, all work very well.
There is nothing on the egg to tell you which one of the six is inside, and I had no complaints about any of them, just quite a few moans 😉

Yes they are supposed to be single use, and I have tried to see how they go for a few more uses. They do clean well, and seem to survive some energetic work, although one developed a bump on the top after 3 attempts. So, more than one use, but not a forever friend.

I am not going to go into detail as to how each one felt etc., but suffice it to say they really do the job with surprising efficiency, and that critical moment can catch you unawares a little too.

For camwork or adult industry there may not be too much of a call for these as they really are for personal pleasure and do hide the money shot which is what the users pay to see.
However, these are a great present for a loved one, someone who travels frequently or for those with a risky Secret Santa, and if you are selling personal items then why not add one of these as a present so that they can really enjoy themselves whilst coveting your used undies etc. (thanks SexySpookyje for that idea)
They may also be of use with your partner directly, or in personal services as they are a great cum catcher, so very clean in use (thanks Lorum for pointing that out)
If I was offered a happy ending with one of these then the answer would be yes.

Lastly though, in my opinion there is an issue with the overall product in relation to the amount of plastic involved: the Eggbox, the Egg, the wrapper on the egg, the Kraken itself, and the insert. I'll give them a pass on the lube sachet as plastic may be the only option there. There are ways to reduce that, so I hope Lovense will take that into consideration soon.

And finally I'd like to wish you all a Kraken good Christmas 🎅🎄🎁😜
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Level 42
5 months ago
Great review, love that you took so many pics and even turned them all inside out, they should let you do more reviews!😜🥰
Moderator replied to SexySpookje:
5 months ago
Thank you, I would love to x
5 months ago
Need to try!!
Moderator replied to blondie_dollface:
5 months ago
you won't be disappointed if you do 😉