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#Tips & Tricks Sexual Health Day
Sexual health should no longer be a taboo! In light of World Sexual Health Day, let's break free from society's chains & start normalizing open conversations. Being in this industry and this community, we can create safe spaces, educate, & empower everyone to embrace their sexual well-being. Share your ideas on how we can destigmatize this topic in the thread! ✨💬
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Level 10
3 months ago
Personally I like to have these conversations while I'm streaming, and even while I'm chatting with a potential collab partner or fwb. I don't beat around the bush, either- I ask them their HIV status and talk about the use of birth control. By being open about it myself, I am encouraging others to be open about it too! The more we talk about it, the less stigma there will be <3
Level 11
3 months ago
Today, although the subject of our sexuality is very open, it also continues to present some taboos. I believe that to achieve a change you have to start from yourself.

In the industry, as models, we must be very careful with the cleaning of our toys and private parts, not to mention that small infections sometimes occur due to the misuse or constant use of products such as lubricants or toy cleaners.

We must be aware that our body is a temple and it is our greatest work tool and we must protect ourselves from sudden changes that can damage our intimate health, so I leave you with some tips that I choose to take care of my sexual health. since my beginnings in the industry.

1.use 100% water based lubricants
2. use intimate soap that levels the pH to wash our toys
3. Let the toys dry in the open air or with a towel that is exclusively for it.
4. wash your toys after every show
5. keep your work area clean to avoid infections
6. If you are a woman, respect your menstrual cycle
7. Do not expose your private parts to constant penetration, it can cause irritation.
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3 months ago
Completely agree. Great advice!

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3 months ago
All of this is so true! That also means taking care of yourself to the point of not accepting requests that put your body through certain risks. As you said, our bodies are our temples and no amount of money is worth me doing something that I feel may have immediate damage or even resulting in negative reactions down the road. EFF THAT! lol
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3 months ago
very true said