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Level 28
4 months ago
4 months ago
I think that the help and guides for first time users should really be reviewed either before or alongside any more features.
These should be up to date, easy to use, and as near as dammit guaranteed to get you up and running quickly and easily.
The devices and software configuration can be quite complex, and if you're used to phone apps that are intuitive then you can easily run into issues.
Moderator replied to Daryl.Rose:
4 months ago
Level 8
3 months ago
Its need to be either the cam extension or the share link.. ( I reported the issues with the dice game in the share link)

The apps and games are great however need to be more editable. Personally, I dont use a lot of them BECAUSE I cant personalise them . ie Non toy prizes have drop down lists with pre written prizes (show tits for example - I dont use that word in my room)
Also I find a lot of apps Video Feedback cant be edited as in their size and takes up too much of my cam.

Some apps only show what has been won on the Video feedback and not in the room, so prizes can be missed... hence dont use those apps either.
Level 8
3 months ago
Maybe a way to set when the apps graphics are shown on the video feedback ie if using the valentines app AND the dice app only one shows for 1 min and then the other for 1 min?