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can you multistream using Stream Master? i think i saw that you can, but my question is how do you keep up with each sites chat. do you need to have all of them open in split screen or does it consolidate them all into one chat box.? Also do you need to run OBS along side Stream Master or is it built in when i click to stream from my Stream Master panel.. Im not the best with tech so i any help is appreciated..
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1 week ago
Hi, you may need the Chatbox to help you collect all the chats from the cam sites.
The Chatbox function is in the main menu on the left hand side of the settings page. Its tutorial is in the Knowledge Base which you can find at the bottom left of the settings page.
replied to JOJODA:
1 week ago
Thank you. Yes I get the chat box. But I guess I’m not used to it. Has less info on the viewers then the chats do on the actual sites. But the main issue is trying to also see my stream so I know what the hells actually on screen lol. Im not that good with technology.
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1 week ago
We are trying to gather viewer details from the chat. For example, the chat box could show the style of the viewer's name to indicate the account level.
If you need something more, please let us know and we'll try to do it for you if possible.