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#Help/Advice SOUTH AFRICAN Models: What Wishlist service are you using to stay anonymous?
I am disgusted with my current Wishlist service. Before I proceed to trash them here and then on every forum, cam site community and social media platform, I would really appreciate anyone’s recommendation on what service to use and stay anonymous? We all know Amazon requires the buyer to enter your ID number and then displays your full name and address to the gifter. Wishtender is floating dead in the water. And there is no man on earth who is going to look at multiple wishlists from multiple sites to buy you multiple gifts. Please any recommendations or suggestions that you guys know of would help?

Now for my rant… I found dreamgifts through a random creator/model’s twitter account. She was very successful in terms of her career and by all means way above the level I even aspire to reach. She had Gucci bags and Louis Vuitton sunglasses on her list and men were lining up to buy her lavish wishes. I had no idea that dreamgifts would actually work in terms of making a universal list from different websites and actually deliver to my door while most importantly keeping my identity private. But they did! Right up until they messed up a gift someone bought me and I never received. No explanation for why I might have not received it, no effort into finding out why and where it might be, and straight up ignoring me from then on. Leads me to believe they straight up just stole the money and ghosted hoping I would eventually just go away. I am still harassing them with e-mails and they are still just ignoring me. I even made a new account because my phone number changed and that’s the only way you can log into your account and I sh*t you not they approved my list, even sent me confirmation texts for every item I added. They must have made the connection while realising all the wishlist items were the same and deleted my new account because when I tried to log in again, I got an error message saying my list had been deactivated and I should contact support.
Like, what even?

I once actually found a streamer on Twitch from SA and noticed that she uses them for her wishlist too. So I thought that was pretty cool but are they really just going to handle things like this when I clearly can’t do anything about it but email them?
Who does business like that?

Anyway rant over. Thanks for reading if you still are and please any recommendations and suggestions about what to use would be amazing!
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