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How should the multi stream part be used in OBS with the Lovense OBS toolset?
Do you just put in, for example, 2 streaming pages and press start stream in the multi stream window, or does the virtual camera have to be switched on?
What I am asking is that when I stream without the multi stream part in OBS on CB, CB writes that my bitrate is excellent and in HD+ or 4K but when I do it through the multi stream part, CB complains about the bitrate and the resolution is only SD.
All the settings in multi stream are set to use the OBS settings. I briefly tried the Streammaster, and here the Virtual Camera was turned on in the built-in OBS.
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11 months ago
Open the stream master obs - click settings. Bottom Right corner. Put your CB rtmp info there. Click Apply and ok. Stop Virtual Cam - its not needed if you are using the multi-stream option. Plus it just takes up resources. Now click Tools then Auto Config Wizard. Let that run and choose your best streaming settings. Then the other sites you want to stream on - just add them on the Add new cam site and be sure to click more and check sync with obs. Have fun.