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#Tips & Tricks Gaining Onlyfans subs trough Youtube!
Hi everyone! I started doing YT a few months ago. I often order new lingerie for my content. I never thought about doing try-ons until my friend told me to do so, so I gave it a try!

My first video was a Honey Birdette try-on that hit 22k,the second video was a Hunkemoller try-on that got less views and hit around 5k. It was less interesting so don't think I gained subs from that second vid. My third video was a pretty sexy Bluebella try-on and I hit 100k views in just one day, gaining a 1k YT subs from just that video in 24hrs. My "old" video's got 10k views extra because the Bluebella vid was doing so well. It has been 2 weeks and the bluebella vid is now at 265K views.

I can't really say how many Onlyfans subs I exactly got from YT, cause I can't put a Onlyfans tracking link on YT itself, sadly. I would guess it was 10-20 a day the first few days and still a few everyday 2 weeks later, but I for sure gained enough subs to make it worth my time! I use the vids for my Onlyfans as well, but on Onlyfans I show nudity in them, I show the see through parts well, and I show taking the sets off in a playful way. I just cut those NSFW parts out of the video for YT, that way I barely spend extra time on the vids cause I also will be using them for my paid platforms, it takes me +/- half an hr to edit and upload the YT version.

I did just monetize on YT today cause I got more than 1k subs (at 3k now) and 4k watch hrs, I did make the mistake to put music on my first vids that is allowed on YT but doesn't make you money (lame), I was able to remove that music from my last 3 vids and replace it with new music that is allowed. I couldn't fix my first vid cause that was filmed with a different camera (different sound). If you want bg music make sure to grab the music from the "Audio library" cause those are allowed for when you monetize! I'm not sure how much I will earn from YT, but I'm advertising my pages so every extra bit would be a win/win.

I'm sharing this cause I think it's a pretty easy way for people to gain subs easily on Onlyfans, hope this info will help someone!

Def let me know if you are trying YT and how it's going for you!
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4 months ago