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#masturbationmay Masturbation May is ON at Cam101! 💦💦💦💦💦
We had fun these days with Fanberry and its multiple and useful features. On the occasion of Masturbation May, we propose to you a ´Masturbation Challenge´.
We have created a fun calendar on Cam101´s Fanberry with different tasks to be completed during this month on your streaming (or even for your personal sexy time).
How to play?
The idea is simple; you can use our Masturbation Challenge template to complete it while streaming, and share with the community how many did you complete at the end of the month.
Alternatively, you can create your own schedule and share your ideas with the community as well. We have created a specific thread, #masturbationmay23 to share your naughty calendar, memes, masturbation ideas and more!
Stay tuned!
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12 months ago
To create your own, follow the following steps:

1- Open your Fanberry profile (If you don’t have one, get it here:
2- Click on the ‘Explore features’ section.
3- Choose ‘Streaming schedule’ and select the Monthly schedule.
4- Fill your calendar with text (Up to 60 characters) , or add stickers and links!
5- Set the styles: choose your favorite background, or add yours, and the type of letters to display.
6- Share with the Cam101 community, or save it as PNG.
7- Save and it will display on your Fanberry page, and share your page on social media!
12 months ago
Hey Fanberry fans, you can set a beautiful Monthly Schedule now with our latest feature! Who knew that a link-in-bio service could be so exciting? Trust me, it's pretty darn awesome. Check it out and let us know what you think!
Level 42
12 months ago
"Use a Lovense toy you've never tried before" will be hard when there arent any new ones left to try.😂
Admin replied to SexySpookje:
12 months ago
Then, you can use 3 or 4 at the same time in a combination you haven´t yet! lol
Level 3
8 months ago
I'm male though