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trying to increase content and being confident in my self to post it
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9 months ago
what i am about to say is something i have learned around and found myself very related to it and it helped me so much to overcome that fear! i really hope this will help you too! ( its something I still struggle myself too sometimes)

read exactly what i am about to say because its gonna hit you like it did to me! eheh

the perfect post doesn't exist! i know its just a simple post (social media post, video, image etc) and it should be easier right? why am i overthinking it that much?!

no matter what you do today your future self will always be cringed by your past self.

a wrong mind would think:

i am so cringy - others people seem to have it all figured it out - why i posted that?! - again not so many likes...

appreciate everything you do everyday! one day you will look back at your older posts and see how brave and motivated was that person to become who is today.

90% of what you see online its an illusion, dont stress too much on it.

i have always been my worst enemy and i finally recently stopped bullying me and believe me things have changed for the best.

Believe in yourself! you are perfect the way you are and nobody can say otherwise! :) <3
replied to Sissylucylove:
9 months ago
thank you for that! i was thinking that there has to be a formula but i've been deep diving into people's older post