How to promote tipping in my room
I would love to find out how people promote tipping without being annoying
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2 days ago
Take a look at the video's under the Courses section. I would set up a tip list and goals and just be casual about it. Maybe a bot or moderator can help with that too.
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2 days ago
Is like a sale women job haha. Maybe by just being a joyful, warm welcoming person, stay a generous number of hours online and try diffrent schedules until you find one you like. Try and learn diffrent light makeup styles to highlight your features. Invest in yourself as much as you can, buy new toys now and then and new work clothes. Have diffrent show ideas, spend some time learing what popular models do for shows and you'll get more ideas on that to do for a show. I believe is hard to promote tipping because there are more members that don't have tokens and less that have, only by being patient and bumping into a nice person that wouldn't be a freeloader. Don't do free shows cause it doesn't help. Also set some prices and don't accept less tokens. Do things that you feel confortabile doing. I hope I helped you in someway. Stay awesome love!❤️