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#StreamMaster Streamaster vs Manycam
Hello, I have started using Streamaster for a week and so far I don't like it. I have been camming for going on 15 years now and I have always split cammed using manycam with little to no problems. I started split camming using streamaster and first of all. I have to run it in my admin account. I was told NEVER to cam in admin only a local account for security reasons. Second I have noticed that the mic is either not matching the video or I sound like a robot. Also, I only know this if I view my room in a different browser. I think that I will go back to using manycam. So much for having cool graphics in my room. I will start using Streamaster once they figure out a way to have it run in a local windows account.
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2 months ago
THIS. StreamMaster isn't well developed at this time. There are a lot of performance issues that need to be addressed.
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2 months ago
I want help can u?