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Having spent pretty much all of my cammig career on AW I have joined some token sites and I am so confused by how they work and the best way to approach them so even though I have signed upI am yet to properly log on to do a show as I have never used a website that doesnt pay per min, all the help here will be massively appreciated
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welcome to cam101 x

You will find a lot of info available in the Getting Started and Skills section.

There is also a good walkthrough of one of the sites, you might find this a good read:

The Discord server is also a good place to ask any questions that you may have:

This is the link to the Beginner Guides that can be found in the Getting Started section under More For You.
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tysm xx
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You’re most welcome x
1 week ago
Think of token sites as pay per act. If they want you to do something, they tip you with tokens. You can set up tips amounts using StreamMaster to activate the Lovense toys. So if you want 50 tokens before your Lush vibrates, thats what you enter. Then when a viewer wants to see you enjoy yourself....they tip 50 tokens.
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1 week ago
thats a really simple but so much clearer and easier way to understand what they are about now thank you!
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1 week ago
Depending on the site, most token sites use pay-per-minute method but for private shows via the site itself. In between being tipped for acts, remind viewers you are available for private shows and just make sure to set the amount of tokens you want to accept for viewers to even be able to begin a private show. (You don't want someone to only "last" 1-5min unless your token-per-min is set super high. The way I see it, if you are going to pull me away from my public room audience, essentially risking loss of attention aka traffic per SECOND I am not present in front of camera, then don't bother taking me to private show at all.) I am quite transparent about my logic when explaining this to viewers who want to insist to start a pvt show for a very low amount or very low amount of time. They usually understand and due to my politeness, return when they have enough tokens to spend on me. ;) So never be afraid to stick to how you want things to be set up to maximize profits for yourself.

Also, make sure to set how many tokens per minute you want to receive during the show. Personalize those settings and then remind your viewers that what you "really" want is to be taken to private, that way you can try to maximize the amount of time spent stuck streaming. LOL If you are NOT looking to do privates at the time and focus on group effort of public chat/viewers to reach goals then definitely say that too so people know how to use their tokens best per stream.

Good luck!
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1 week ago
also, always remind viewers u WILL return after the private show if you plan to. You will find out who is most loyal this way. ;)