#New member Shyness takes all motivation
How to get into doing this as a male? It’s highly interesting for me but I can’t find my niche
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4 days ago
Welcome! You get into it by getting a toy, a camera, and a computer. Then pick a camming site. The catch is that many of the sites are geared toward guys looking to view girls. Also, If you're a guy and not comfortable with other guys, many who are gay, viewing and tipping you...then it's going to be hard to find and break into that straight guy with straight women viewers niche. You can also try joining the Discord server and asking there (
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4 days ago
I can relate as a male amateur cam model who is shy. I find that if I just relax and try not to overthink things then the whole process just seems to feel better. It takes time to know what works best for you. For, I find letting the people watching me doing daily things in life with a topless or naked twist just makes things feel more natural for me. It is all about what works best for you.