Hi everyone, I am glad to join
Hi,I try like all of us to make more money specially on CB and OF any advise is welcome on Of i am only for @ 2 month and i dont really understand how is working
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7 days ago
Think of it like fishing in lots of ponds instead of the same pond. CB has its clients and that is great, but if you throw your stream out to more sites, then you increase your gains. Lovense even makes an app to keep track of the chats for each site easier. Just make sure you can pay attention to your customers on each site. Happy camming.
7 days ago
Hi Evolet! I also use both CB and OF. My advice to you is to do what you like and keep in mind to make it yours. On CB, there are many app and bots out there that can help, and you can add it to your favorites so you don't lose them. A tip menu is always a great way to get others to tip, but it's up to you & what you want to do, such as a flash of one of your assets ( boobs, butt, etc) I recommend not to have it too extreme like 50000 tokens to flash boobs. Keep it simple, don't make it too complicated for people who aren't good at English to figure it out. Plus, there are many platforms of cb all over the world, such as venuscamz, etc. which means that you are able to reach to more people. (As long as have "Appear on network sites" which is under Settings and Privacy.)

Post your link on CB for OF, as well as a lovense and/or an Amazon Wishlist. As well as any other social medias you have. Plus, you can also post on your social medias about your OF. Hope that helps!