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#Tech help #Streaming software Stream Master updates made it way too heavy/buggy
I don't know what changed in the last couple of updates of StreamMaster, but it is not "work-able" anymore.
I am struggling to stay connected to Streamate. It's been days now. It keeps disconnecting, fckn up with the bitrate, crushing. I must have tried about a hundred times to stay connected the day before yesterday...
I am using StreamMaster right now to write you this, no connected toys, no streaming camsites, no other tabs at all, and it is edging my CPU already.

I have a strong PC and a high download/upload speed. I used to be able to stream on Streamate + 2 or even 3 more camsites simultaneously in high definition with ZERO issues. That changed just a couple of days ago. Suddenly, out of the blue.

At the beginning I thought maybe it's Streamate's fault,... BUT then I tried to give a chance to another popular splitcamming tool, and it worked fine, even for all camsites at the same time.

It's a shame though, because that is not convenient with my Lovense toys. But if I have to choose between working on other sites with StreamMaster and operating properly on Streamate... I have to choose Streamate.
And I am not the only one.

So, please, find a way to co-operate productively with Streamate at last, so we can all make serious money with Lovense again. And because, as cammodels, we invest a respectively high(er) amount of money on Lovense tools.

Thank you for your time,

P.S. There are also issues with the toys connecting/disconnecting to StreamMaster, but at least it happens after a couple of tries.
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3 months ago
I'd check that other things aren't happening on your computer while you are streaming. The three big ones are: back up's running (this includes things like Dropbox/Google drive sync'ing), anti-virus scans, and patches being downloaded or installed.
3 months ago
Hi MaryCorner,

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Our Stream Master tech team will need a further check to find the issue. Could you please download TeamViewer on your PC via the link below first?


After that, please let me know your ID and password under Allow Remote Control.

Then we can arrange a proper time via private message in Cam101.

So we can start having a remote debugging session with you.