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#New toys I want help with positions for my new toy Gravity
A few days ago my new toy arrived and I really liked it but I want to know about positions and angles for my transmission with the gravity if you have examples I would greatly appreciate it, I have tried to look for models that use it on the pages and there are very few and in particular there is one It uses an angle that I think is great but it is for a double camera show so if you have ideas for a single camera show it would be great.
3 replies
3 months ago
The most common positions I've seen (and I'm sure there are more) are against the wall or glass in the shower, a chair, on the floor, and against a mirror or wall in a bedroom. But i think its going to come down to whatever you're comfortable with and whats requested.
Goddess Tex
Level 4
2 months ago
I've used it for privates only and it was on the floor while i was "riding" it. It looks good but is uncomfortable after some time
Level 10
2 months ago
i ordered a vinyl plexiglass sheet from amazon an sanded down the corners not to be sharp.