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Hey guys i have a prob and i want to be independent model and i'm so scared and i don't know what to do i have to make a new account with new users and that
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2 weeks ago
Welcome. I suggest checking out the "Getting Started" and “Skills” sections at the top of the page. Feel free to ask questions here or on our Discord server.

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1 week ago
Hi 😊 I become independent almost 3 weeks ago, I started just with stripchat. I can understand you that you think about all the members you have on your account and it S okay even to be scared, I feel exactly the same before starting as new.
I will share with you my expirience and I hope to help you. 💓
I started just with a stripchat account and I made sure I start with a good camscore by complete all the steps for profile and also to have a good looking account for users. I did not kept my old username, but a lot of people from that account still find me. But also new ones come to my room.
Be sure to put tags about your show at the topic, it helps, but I just learned it 2 weeks ago. Also, after you have even few people in your community, post in your feed everytime you go online a selfie or picture you like etc and mass message for free and non nude, just something like a smiling selfie and a nice description, anyway, just something you feel to and think helps your growth. :)
I can give you also an advice cause I start 2 times as independent and cause I was so scared first time, I go back in studio. Have patience first times you are online and even there can be few members in your room for few hours, Don t worry, stay there and relax, smile, also even to Grey users, send them an emoticon or something, and you ll see growth.
One more advice, be sure your microphone it is working and you have a quality image stream, this help to grow your camscore and that bring more people in your room.
About the money, I gain like approximately 500$ in 1 week, i hope for more as time pass, but for the start I m gratefull to be independent, less stress about the hours I have to do, I feel it s easier for me personally this time. Also I started with tarif from 16tk and exclusive 24tk with time limit of 10 minutes for each type of private.
That s my expirience, if you need to ask me anything else I will try to help you with answers. wish you good luck in whatever you choose❤️💓😊
replied to Catlady333 :
4 days ago
Omg you made my day, thank you so much for the tips and response, i'm calmer now❤️❤️❤️🥰