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#New member Maximizing my earinings
I've been hearing a lovense is a great way to increase traffic and revenue in my room but would love to hear back from anyone that has experience with this, especially male models.
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1 week ago

I have an Edge 2 and It certainly does improve traffic to my room, and it is quite beneficial token wise for me.
Also, they pay to pleasure ME, sounds like a win win I think.
I would wholeheartedly recommend buying a Lovense, whatever suits you.
For really good prices I always see direct from Lovense as the best option.

There are a lot of other things you can do as well such as a good cam, good lighting, regular schedule etc.


There is a lot of info available in the Getting Started and Skills section.

There is also a good walkthrough of one of the sites, you might find this a good read:

The Discord server is also a good place to ask any questions that you may have:

This is the link to the Beginner Guides that can be found in the Getting Started section under More For You.

And welcome to cam101 x
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replied to Daryl.Rose:
1 week ago
Thanks for all of this Daryl. I just ordered a Diamo so we'll see how it goes. My cameras are good but I may invest in a dedicated webcam, but I love the freedom of movement for my IP cameras.

Hope to stay in touch and thank you for the resources.
replied to M.Y. History:
1 week ago
you're welcome, and enjoy the Diamo 👍
Level 18
1 week ago
I use multiple lovense toys with my broadcasts. Women enjoy my max2 from lovense. Men enjoy my edge from lovense. I like to connect many lovense toys and then use the one users want or what I am in the mood for. Good luck! Foxhunt99
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1 week ago
thanks for the info. I think i'll just stick to the one toy tho