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#StreamMaster Is there a way to allow moderator to access my stream master?
I cam on 3 sites and my husband often keeps an eye on what is going on in another room, Is there a way for him to access stream master while im camming to add things like games, settings etc.
Last thing I want to do is be full flow and then have to stop to add capture the flag or something similar.
Any and all help greatful.
Love Redliprose xx
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9 months ago
I haven't tried this, but if he was also logged into a separate StreamMaster on another computer under the same account, it might work. You might need to refresh the page on your side to see the changes. Again...not sure if this will work.
replied to Lorum:
9 months ago
ill give this a try and let you know if it works!
Level 21
9 months ago
I suggest you use remote control software to allow your husband to control your computer, You can try downloading this software to see if it can resolve your problem.
replied to Roger:
9 months ago
Thank you for your reply I will give this a go and let you know the outcome Thanks Rose xx
Level 4
9 months ago
I like the new "share Mobile" ChatBot feature. Im not sure when they added it but its easy to use. Wish it worked for more than one device though. Maybe a set number or pre assigned contacts could be really helpful. And i have Stream Master on 2 Laptops, i thought it would automatically link. I wish it had that function as well. Or a Stream Master Mobile OBS linking Application. But its one laptop or the other for now.
replied to InkedFlicks:
9 months ago
I haven't tried this yet but I have slowly been working my way through all updates so I will give this a try.