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Hello. I have some suggestions that would greatly improve the user interface of your chatbox.
The chatbox itself is excellent, I love how much easier it is than going back and forth between sites. However, there are a few annoying things about the tip box. There is a small window that shows your tips. It will either show 1 line or 4 lines, and can be moved around within the chatbox. It would improve the UI greatly, if this box were more customizable. For instance, If I could move the tip box OUTSIDE of the boundaries of the chatbox app. That way I can see the tip box and chatbox on separate monitors. Or, if we could expand the tip box to include more than 4 lines it would be excellent. I sometimes get 10 tips within just a few seconds. It's hard to see all those tips. Since there are only 4 lines, I have to scroll up, which takes my attention from my show, distracts customers, and reduces my tips.

Also, the tip box seems to fade out of view after a minute or so, and I have to hover my mouse over where it should be to make it reappear. Why? I don't understand how this feature would be useful to anyone in this industry. We want to SEE our tips. Not have the window disappear when we're fist deep... then we have to stop and scroll so that we can see what people have tipped for.

I've tried other chatboxes, but their interface doesn't even compare to yours. It would just be nice if it were a bit more customizable.
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5 months ago
Thanks for the suggestions!
5 months ago
Welcome to cam101 x
5 months ago
Thank you, Heyohh! We are taking notes, wonderful feedback!